Originally from western South Dakota, I am a college professor and minister currently teaching in northeast Ohio. I earned my Ph.D. at Boston University and have lived and taught at various places around the world. My wife and I have been married for 35 years (thank God for her) and have three sons (and two wonderful daughters-in-law–thank God for them).

It was during freshman high school track that I discovered that I can do this long-distance running thing. Racing has been a serious part of my life, off and on, since then.

From childhood faith has been the single most important aspect of my life. Devotion and athletics have always blended seamlessly for me. Except for marriage, I have learned more about the Christian life through running than any other thing.

I have a lot of interest in the spiritual disciplines and in inter-religious dialogue. My scholarly work focuses on the history of Christianity and comparative religions. My study of Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism has most definitely helped me to be a better Christian.

In terms of running, some accomplishments I am happy about include my state high school mile championship as a junior (4:21), my marathon pr (2:34– super disappointing at the time, but now it looks pretty good to me), my two top 10 places in the USATF 24-hour national championships, two 100k USATF age-group national championships, and winning and setting the record in the Midwest Grand Slam of ultramarathons (a 4 100-mile trail race summer series).